Special Offers

From time to time San Francisco Homestay is able to offer special discounts. To take advantage of these offers, use the following Offer Code in your online application.

We are currently offering the following discounts for Standard Full homestays in San Francisco (not available for Economy or Bed & Breakfast Homestay) :

Beneficiaries – Savings – Offer Codes

  • Guests for Standard Full Homestay that plan to stay for a minimum of 12 weeks and will pay for 12 weeks of their Homestay in advance – Save $100 per 4-week period on your Homestay Fee – SAVE
  • U.S. residents:
    • coming to Northern California on an internship
    • who will have a car and will not need to rely on public transportation
    • Save $50 per 4-week on your Homestay Fee – USIC
  • Students and interns who make their reservation more than 8 weeks in advance – Save $25 on your Placement Fee and $25 per 4-week on your homestay fee – LONG