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Prices per week. Bed and Breakfast
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Full Homestay
(with continental breakfast & dinner)
Economy (shared room, shared bath) $250.00 $285.00
Standard (private room, shared bath) $300.00 $345.00 (Most Popular)
Executive (private room, private bath) $375.00 $430.00
* These prices are based on our standard rates and do not include any special discounts.
* Executive pricing may vary +/- 10% depending on the actual accommodations.
* There is a premium of $100/week for stays of 2 weeks or less.
* There is a 12% premium on the first 2 weeks of stay if booked less than 4 weeks in advance.
* There is a $50 premium for weekday arrivals.

A placement fee is required for us to process your application.
The standard placement fee, excluding any applicable discount, is: $250

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