Happily providing safe and affordable housing for international students, interns, and visiting professionals for 24 years in the San Francisco Bay Area…

About San Francisco Homestay & Dr. Susanne

Dr. Susanne Freeborn

Dr. Susanne Freeborn and her husband, Dan McMullen, began hosting international students in their home in 1991 in Monterey, California. They enjoyed the experience very much and when the opportunity to work with San Francisco Homestay arose in 2002, Susanne interviewed with great enthusiasm and was hired as General Manager by Laurent Dhollande, who is now a shareholder. There were 325 applicants. Wow! Susanne soon became a partner and the public face of the business in late 2004 and she has been CEO every since. Laurent Dhollande is now CEO of Pacific Business Centers, which provides office spaces, executive suites, virtual offices, and conference rooms in ten locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco Homestay

San Francisco Homestay, itself, has existed for about 24 years and has housed thousands and thousands of guests. We market to agents all over the world, advertise through Google and Facebook, register guests privately through our website and work with two language schools, Brandon College and EC Language Center as well as serving students studying at any and all colleges in San Francisco itself. Travel agents sometimes send us groups of students, from six to 45. The ages of the majority of guests is in the 17 to 30 age range, but we’ve had wonderful guests of all ages and do our best to provide a safe and pleasant home in beautiful San Francisco for all of our international guests.